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As the first Renewable Energy Big Data and Analytics Company in the Philippines, RE Analytics aims to provide highly accurate short-term forecasts of wind farm and solar plant power generation, as well as provide highly robust long-term forecasts on electricity demand, and lastly, to model long-term energy mix. RE Analytics is an independent analyst group for the renewable energy sector. The company has been incubated in the Ateneo Innovation Center. RE Analytics knows that big data...

Harry Bo
by Harry Bo
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Harry Bo

We want more middle class households in the Philippines to use solar electricity.  We want to install 1-2 solar panels on 1M rooftops and address the main concern most people have with solar--initially large upfront cost. In a Household Electricity Consumptions Survey (HECS) in 2004, 92% of the 14.6M households used electricity.   Now it is close to 20M. In that survey, the energy consumption per year, per family, attributed to refrigeration amounted to 1000kwh to 1500kwh per...

Gregory Divino
by Gregory Divino
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Gregory Divino

Hey welcome and enjoy reading! Imagine,... You have a friend, living in the rural area of the Philippines, cooking with firewood and charcoal everyday. When s/he is cooking in a small little kitchen, smoke go into the lungs and eyes. You heard s/he keep coughing, you saw their teary eyes and they start sweating because it is just too hot. They repeat doing this 3 times per day.    Probably you don't have this friend around you, hence the best way to feel is, imagine you are...

JackieKnight Yap CheeWei
by JackieKnight Yap CheeWei
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JackieKnight Yap CheeWei

1 out of 6 people still live without access to electricity, that is 13% of world's population about 1.4 billion people. And most of these communities use kerosene lanterns as their main source of lighting. Kerosene had become a commodity to households in unelectrified marginalized communities. Over the past few years of studying such living conditions, developing the correlation between geographical location, socioeconomic status and the use of fuel-based lamps, we have developed a...

Aisa Mijeno
by Aisa Mijeno
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Aisa Mijeno

As grilled food is a staple in many households, Metro Manila has an insatiable hunger for charcoal. The demand for it is so high that the forests are being cut down to produce charcoal, reducing the forest cover drastically and affecting our watersheds. Cutting trees in a designated watershed or National Park is illegal, yet it gives livelihood to people who live at the fringes of society.

Pio Fortuno Jr.
by Pio Fortuno Jr.
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Pio Fortuno Jr.

Electricity in the Philippines is too costly that it can be prohibitive to progress. In manufacturing, energy is a major input and its high cost has discouraged investments and potential job-generation. In retail, too, energy bills cut into business margins and tend to pass the bills on to consumers. Quite burdensome. In fact, electricity in progressive countries cost only 2-3% of per capita income, whereas this figure in the Philippines is 11-12% of income. Our shared challenge then is to...

Rafael Inigo dela Cruz
by Rafael Inigo dela Cruz
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Rafael Inigo dela Cruz

  Lack of Access to Energy ·      Electricity Production Our idea tries to solve the problem of lack of access to sustainable energy resource for cooking and heating purposes as well as electricity. The idea offers the solution to these problems starting from the basic use of cooking and heating to electricity production through which the demand continues to grow.

Miggy Bautista
by Miggy Bautista
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Miggy Bautista

To foster transition towards a sustainable energy future for my country, insular power system needs to incorporate Renewable Energy (RE) resources in their energy mix and maximize the integration of local energy resources. Since renewable energy is area specific, some regions have difficulty of integrating RE into their energy mix. Utilizing lignocellulosic biomass to produce BioCoal from agricultural and industrial wastes addresses this issue. BioCoal provides a sustainable energy fuel for...

Alvin Garcia Palanca
by Alvin Garcia Palanca
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Alvin Garcia Palanca

The innovation in electric panel in household has remained almost stagnant. It can only provide safety through the use of breakers. It cannot give any information how much power does the household consumes in specific areas.

john enrick plenos
by john enrick plenos
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john enrick plenos

The Philippines has one of the most expensive electricity rates in Asia. Because of this, electric bills become a significant cost to everyone, be it residential, commercial or industrial. However, the price also fluctuates considerably throughout a day, costing as low as around 1Php per KWH during off-peak to around 70Php per KWH during peak hours. This is largely due to the large very high spikes in demand which necessitates usage of inefficient, usually fossil fuel guzzling plants....

Em Bueta
by Em Bueta
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Em Bueta

The problem is to reduce operating expenses of the logistics companies by reducing down time, cost and maintenance of the motorcycles. Actually, when we interviewed logistics companies, one thing we were able to see is that a lot of them wanted to move from fuel to electric for a very long time. The reason why they never did was because of these three things (1) Not cost effective (2) Short distance (3) Poor support structure.

Justin Marco Tee
by Justin Marco Tee
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Justin Marco Tee

Reducing Homeowner Refrigeration Energy Consumption

Michael White
by Michael White
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Michael White

All Corporations in the Philippines using Water in Chiller Systems face hard water issues including Scale and Corrosion.  Saving water, our most precious resource should be at the forefront of Technology, but has not been properly addressed.  There are ways to not only reduce water consumption, but to ensure Chiller systems remain free of Corrosion and Scale, thus reducing Energy consumption trying to pump water through piping that is clogged up.

Michael White
by Michael White
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Michael White

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Mini Business Plan

Posted by Deesha Chandra Jun 7, 2016

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Name of your company/project, person of contact, contact details, (optional. logo, link to website/Facebook page). 

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Issue statement & mission

What problem are you trying to solve? What is the overriding purpose of your initiative? What are the benefits you are trying to create and who exactly is your target group/customer? How can your customer(s) access your product/service and pay for it?

Business model/concept

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Competitive and collaborative landscape

Who are your competitors in the market and what resources do they have available? How does your company differentiate from them? Who are your main partners, supporters, suppliers, vendors (etc.) that help you reaching your sales goals and vision?

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Which steps do you have to take to make your idea happen? How will the Fellowship Program enable you to achieve your ambitions? Which are important milestones for the next two to three years?

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