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Transport in many small island communities in the Philippines is crippled due to the high cost of boat travel, averaging 1000 pesos per hour of travel, or roughly 5 DAYS' worth of income for a rural family living in small islands, the very people who need to travel by boat. With a crippled transport comes trade limitations, which in turn impact their livelihood. These communities tend to have subsistence economies because of this, and at that economic level, they are often neglected by...

Kenneth See
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Kenneth See

Kenneth See

Mandaluyong, Philippines

Joined this community on Jul 22, 2016

Bio Social entrepreneur working on Bottom of the Pyramid business strategies to help low income communities become financially more stable in a sustainable and environmentally beneficial way. Currently working on an ecotourism project called In Our Shoes (see and a social enterprise project called Sabay Tayo (see Former Advisor in the field of Corporate IT, specialising in the fields of data volume management, information security, and ERP (SAP).

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