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Aviscus is solving the most important problems developing countries faces today - energy insufficiency, food shortage, and flooding. In the Philippines alone, there are still 16 Million Filipinos who does not have access to electricity and the increasing demand for energy results in rotational brownouts throughout the region. Aside from the energy crisis that the country is experiencing, the dam can also help the country to bolster agricultural productivity because of the lower cost to...

Kent Renier Carandang
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Kent Renier Carandang

Kent Renier Carandang

Santa Rosa, Philippines

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Bio I have co-invented a low-cost, environment-friendly dam which is called the "Gaia Dam". It is a multipurpose dam that aims to provide protection from flooding, generate renewable electricity for small communities, and help end food and water shortages by having an impounding/diversion dam for poor farmers. Aside from these benefits, its core material can also release proprietary nutrients and enzymes that helps the plants to absorbs the minerals in the soil easily and dissolve the exoskeletons of insects and fungi, thus acting as an organic fertilizer and pesticide. For more details regarding the invention, you may check the link: Also, I have discovered a potential feedstock of biofuel from the sap of a wild tree during my senior highschool year where I was awarded the Best Science Research study by my campus.

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