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The use of second generation bio-ethanol is one of the most efficient ways to power local manufacturing MSMEs without sacrificing the quality of energy generated. If maximized, utilization of this renewable energy can strengthen national industrialization initiatives in the countryside and provide a more stable income to farmers undermining seasonality of crop harvest cycles. The most abundant raw materials which can be converted into second-generation bio-ethanol can be agricultural...

Jocelyn Bordador
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Jocelyn Bordador

Jocelyn Bordador

Makati City, Philippines

Joined this community on Jul 13, 2016

Bio Joy is promoting social enterpreneurship representing Diwang Adhika Enterprises as a Communications Manager. She had various roles in other media as well as research organizations including FuentesManila , The Nielsen Company (Worldwide), Inc., Virtusio PR International, Inc. , k2 interactive (Asia) Inc. , Express Balita and IBC Headliners , DZRH AM Manila Broadcasting Company and ABS-CBN Publishing - Chalk Magazine. She also won in the Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature.

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