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Did you know that most middle income families waste more than P2,000 a month in electric bills? With very similar homes, most people are shocked to find out that I only pay around P1,000 a month to Meralco while they shell out no less than P3,000. The reason: behavior at home affects electric consumption a lot... and not many people have energy-saving habits. Despite the promise of lower expenses, very few would be willing to change their behavior. And even among those willing, fewer still...

Leon Carlo Valencia
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Leon Carlo Valencia

Leon Carlo Valencia

Makati City, Philippines

Joined this community on Jul 12, 2016

Bio With 22 years of programming experience, I can build high quality software to solve problems, hasten workflows, or ease life. Whether it needs to be embedded in a custom hardware, executing off a desktop, running distributed on several machines, or providing services from the cloud, I’ll quickly develop it. I started programming at the age of 12. From then on, I’ve acquired a deep understanding of the principles behind software development. Even though new technologies come up, much of the central principles stay the same. As such, I learn and adapt very quickly, giving me a wide range of experience. As a result, I have a broad overview of the technology landscape, allowing me to select the most appropriate tool, language, or technique to get the job done.

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