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As the first Renewable Energy Big Data and Analytics Company in the Philippines, RE Analytics aims to provide highly accurate short-term forecasts of wind farm and solar plant power generation, as well as provide highly robust long-term forecasts on electricity demand, and lastly, to model long-term energy mix. RE Analytics is an independent analyst group for the renewable energy sector. The company has been incubated in the Ateneo Innovation Center. RE Analytics knows that big data...

Harry Bo
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Harry Bo

Harry Bo

Quezon City, Philippines

Joined this community on Jun 21, 2016

Bio Currently proactive in several research projects such as wave monitoring for safe island tourism, EMG-based laparoscopic training analysis, and short-term and long-term forecasting for renewable energy. I'm obsessed with innovation and best practices of such :) I define my purpose in life which is to make a positive impact to the lives of people through technology and design!

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