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Robert Greene

Manila, Philippines

Joined this community on Oct 9, 2015


Bio Robert Greene is a native of New Mexico state, born and raised in the capital city of Santa Fe. At the age of 14, he moved to Florida and completed high school at one of Central Florida’s top schools. After high school Robert joined the US Navy for officer training, allowing him to graduate from the University of Maryland with a Bachelors or Arts degree in Asian Studies with minors in Cultural Anthropology and Linguistics with high honors. Throughout the course of his service in the US Navy, Robert was deployed on a number of auxiliary, support and humanitarian aid missions in Central and Northern Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and in various regions of Western Asia. During his second tour of duty in the US Navy, Robert was assigned to medical facility in Yokosuka, Japan where he worked as a Medical logistics officer and procurement manager, supervising a staff over fifty subordinates. After his first taste of life in Japan, Robert decided to pursue a formal education in the Japanese language, graduating with a technical degree in Japanese Language and Culture Studies from the Kansai College of Business and Languages in Osaka; after completing his service in the US Navy. During the course of his studies, Robert worked as a research translator and staff language tutor at Kindai University’s Pharmaceutical Sciences Department. After completing of his studies, Robert worked as a language and teaching consultant for CES (Century Education Services), an Osaka based firm that services clients such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Sumitomo Denko with intensive business English courses. Robert also worked as an instructor for the Chigasaki Method® corporate and professional level interpreter training courses at Midtech Inc, a Kobe based firm. After years of residing in Japan, he decided to pursue his interest in Southeast Asian cultures by migrating to the Philippines. Shortly after arriving in the Philippines, he worked as a professional interpreter and technical translator. Some of his major clients in the Philippines include: Japanese Ministry of Justice, Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japanese Ministry of Environment, Toyota Philippines Inc, Toyo Philippines Inc, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Inc and Pactec ltd; among others. Robert holds a JLPT level N1 certification and currently works as a Project Manager for Crossing Borders Digital Marketing, a subsidiary of GOICOM and Gulliver Inc. His areas of expertise include interpretation, translation, brand localization and strategic planning. Aside from his professional occupation, Robert is martial arts instructor with a passion for helping underprivileged children develop character and discipline through traditional martial arts training. He also is the co-founder of the “Bagong Araw” (new day) movement; a group of NGO’s promoting large scale renewable energy implementation for post disaster recovery in the Philippines. He co-founded this group with other members shortly after super typhoon Yolanda struck the Samar region in 2013. Robert also has a passion for music, he is an independent music producer and he owns an independent record label that focuses on supporting the preservation of traditional music by collaborating with local artists in the Philippines. His interests include traveling, meditation, volunteer work, art, music, language and foreign cultures

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