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Assist vehicles (whether private or public) during dire situations like flat tires, broken bearings, vehicular breakdown, etc., regardless of the location and time of the day. 

Norlin Sunga
by Norlin Sunga
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Norlin Sunga

Norlin Sunga

Imus, Philippines

Joined this community on Sep 29, 2015

Bio A visionary, Norlin came up with the brainchild of THIS revolutionary approach to business services. With key strengths in the four functional aspects of Business Management, she has become a staple in the field of startups. Her extensive background and experience in the end-to-end processes of each phase of an entity's operations has given her the ultimate leverage to stay at the forefront of today's dynamic industry. At the helm of NRS Business Solutions, she continues to be a driving force in the business, helping existing and new joints become successful in their chosen playing field.

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