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WET (Water Energy Turbine): Mini water turbine generator for household


It is vital for this generation to have an on-going power source in the middle of a Blackout; hence an alternative source will be available to accommodate the need of having a source of electricity. Not only this, we also aim to lessen the use of hazardous and toxic by-products such as coal and fuel that is being burned to have an amount of energy for some generators which we all know has a significant effect to environment. This project also will allow regular consumers to have an affordable emergency power supply.


Who faces this problem?


-          - Our goal is to reach out to regular consumer who does not have the funds to purchase an Industrial/Emergency generator that costs a huge sum of money. Regular consumers do not have any choice but to wait for the power outage to be fixed once the problem occurs.

-          - Some existing emergency power source use Kinetic Energy which is not so practical during emergency situations.

-          - A consumer who wants to trim down monthly electric bills.


How does your idea address this problem?


-         -  The waiting game which is being addressed by providing this alternative energy will ensure consumers a worry less blackout scenario.


-        -   Effortless Battery charging. In a day to day basis, consumers use water depending on their need. Now imagine; what if every time a toilet is being flushed and faucets being opened, this will cause a generation of power by using the pressure from their own water system.


-         - Supporting the Idea of using an available water system to produce electric energy, this will significantly help out with saving as much electric consumption as possible. The Idea is to return the excess power beyond the storing capacity of this new Power system back to the Grid. This will cause a rebate pointing to customers’ bills due to excess power being returned.


What’s new and unique about your idea?


-          We are presenting a new approach with the use of classical water turbines that will specifically target the lifestyle and usage of modern consumers specially who resides in urban areas where natural water sources are not usually seen. To further explain, we are transporting bigger scale water turbines into smaller equipment that can be attached to existing water pipes.


How are you going to earn money?


-        -  Our approach can be whole sale or direct selling depending on the customers need.

-        -  Since the equipment is not bulky we plan to be a supplier to small scale Business units such as a Local Hardware.


Do you already have customers?


-          We currently don’t have customers as our Project is on its research and developmental phase.


Who is in your team?


-          -Cyrell Allen R. Aspiras- Visual Display Officer, Graduated from UP Diliman. Industrial Designer

-          -Marianne B. Alolor- BS Accountancy  Student

-          -James Kevin M. Jaculbia- BPO consultant , has background with automotive systems, previously studied Civil Engineering.

-         - Frederick  Lagria – BS Civil Engineering, Graduate from Central Colleges of the Philippines, Project In Charge Engineer.

-          -Engr. Kelvin M. Marzonia- Electrical Engineer, Graduated from EARIST Manila. Maintenance Engineer.


Have you already founded/incorporated your company?


What is the intended positive impact on the environment and/or society of your venture?


-          -Since the goal of this project is to share a new power system that will enable people to save and harness energy from an existing water source, this will empower regular consumers and small business units to have Alternatives for Black out Situations.

-         - This will also lessen the use of Hazardous biochemical such as Coals, Fuels and by-products that produces waste materials.


How will the Fellowship Program enable you to achieve your ambitions?


 On the next two to three years, our aim is to produce the product that can be openly available in the market with the help of this fellowship program and other expert Ideologies that can also guide us into achieving our goal in maintaining clean and efficient energy while getting satisfactory and/or impressive results.


Are you living in the Philippines?


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Michael White Jul 25, 2016

Just a thought, I only run the faucets a few seconds or at maximum 3-5 minutes, how much energy will be produced in 3-5 minutes?

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