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Oomf: Delivering Excitement to Your Doorstep

 We are faced with the problem of worsening traffic congestions in the country, particularly in Metro Manila. Vehicles on the road are multiplying, and not only this leads to worse traffic conditions, but worsening air pollution as well. Moreover, traditional express courier services use vehicles that can barely pass through busy streets while contributing to air pollution. Estimated time of arrival keeps on extending because of these traffic conditions so these companies can't deliver packages with their promised speedy delivery.

E-commerce has been a trend in the business world and more brick-and-mortar businesses create their own e-commerce platforms wherein you can buy their products online without even lining up in their respective stores. This has been a big step for businesses given that almost all of the people in the world are on their smartphones, have social media accounts, and are active on the Web because of its primary services, including quick dissemination of information and bringing people closer together. As the trend keeps rising, so do businesses transacting online, leading to a greater need of courier services to deliver the products to your doorsteps. All you just need is few clicks on your personal computers or few presses of the buttons on your smartphones, sit back on your comfortable couches at home, and your long-awaited goods are there at your door.


A lot of people thought drones wouldn't be possible. Most thought it's so futuristic. How about let's make drones happen, and let it be your delivery guy? Eliminate those carbon-emitting vehicles that harm your health and the environment's, and let a solar-powered, flying robot deliver your desired item directly to you. No human errors. No traffic congestion problem. Just purely clean, high-technology, secure, and fast.

Who faces this problem?

Everybody faces the problem of increasing pollution for the fact that it harms us and the environment around us. More pollution leads to greater natural disasters that lead to destruction, wherein people lose homes, resources, and even people they love.The target customers are online and click-and-mortar businesses who also face the late delivery complaints. We live in a world that artificial intelligence is developing leading to an increasing demand of faster ways of doing things and swift solutions to the problems we face. So we are in dire need of moving technology that can cope with those needs.

How does your idea address this problem?

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or simply drones, have been a trend in other countries for these past few years. Once it's a hobby, now it's intended for delivery. Drones have been using electricity to power itself with the use of rechargeable batteries. The problem is, the electric charge comes from the grid, wherein the process to create electricity to power homes and establishments is harming the environment. Our drones will run on solar energy to power the drone all throughout the day, eliminating carbon emission, or the process of producing wastes that can harm the environment while delivering the packages towards you. This is also to promote innovating cleaner devices for everyone to use and fully go green in the next years to come.

What’s new and unique about your idea?

As mentioned above, there have been drones that are already present in other countries, many of those are funded startups. This idea is basically unique here in the country for the fact that drones for special purposes are still nonexistent in the Philippines. Courier services company either use delivery trucks and motorcycles for domestic land deliveries, and cargo planes and ships for domestic and international deliveries crossing the seas. There are drones in the market but are all just toy drones for hobbyists and videographers.While mostly similar, there are proposed features of Oomf drones that are not yet implemented by multiple startups and few big companies like Amazon: solar panels that will convert solar energy into electricity to power the drones, and Graphene-infused Lithium-Ion batteries. Graphene is relatively clean, and when applied in Li-ion batteries, it helps optimize the release of energy for the device's usage without sacrificing performance, while storing more converted energy and faster than lithium-ion battery alone.The drones will be GPS and frequency-based, so it will run on its own with only assisted driving from the control center. Moreover, the going-to-be programmed mobile application will inform the end consumers' of the details of the request and delivery status. The app will keep on sending information about the ETA of the delivery and the minutes left before the drones arrive based on its speed in comparison to the distance away from the delivery point.

How are you going to earn money?

Oomf will earn money through subscription and partnerships with big and small online and click-and-mortar business who would avail our services. We are going to deliver the goods purchased by their customers to recognized establishments in our programmed GPS system. If the establishments are not recognized, there are going to be established drop-off points situated in busy, commercial but secure places in the city where the customers can receive their packages. The packages would not be dropped without the customers' response and validation for drop-off in the mobile application.

Do you already have customers?

None. This is purely an idea that is soon to be implemented.

Who is in your team?

As of the moment, I am alone in this venture. As previously stated, I am yet to form a young and insanely talented team of engineers and programmers. I am 20 years old, a BS Entrepreneurship student from Mapua Institute of Technology – Makati, a future non-technical founder who is deeply enthusiastic and infatuated with technology - especially the highly-advanced creations that also use renewable energy - and will soon establish tech startups. With the deep level of interest I have for technology and renewable energy combined, I am more than willing to learn and do the most technical things necessary for the things I will plan to create and innovate. The skills I am currently lacking are programming and engineering skills, and I can’t stress how I badly wanted to develop those skills in me enough.

Have you already founded/incorporated your company?


What is the intended positive impact on the environment and/or society of your venture?

It intends to boost the shift from traditional, high-powered, mechanical devices that run on fuel and emit carbon dioxide into quieter, cleaner, and more advanced devices that run   on renewable energy with its intention of providing quality services to the society. It is also to show that the shift is rampant and that it has to be implemented now to avoid further damage to our environment. If more advanced-technology products and services appear in certain industry intended to help with the society's way of living, it should also help protecting the longevity of life and the quality of health of both the people and nature.

How will the Fellowship Program enable you to achieve your ambitions?

I believe the Fellowship Program can help me find the right team members that I am looking for. It would help me with the resources I’m looking for, including human and financial capital, which I need to build the drones, and do a business that utilize technological advances that can satisfy the needs of the customers while operating lean and/or helps the preserve and protect the environment. The program will help me find valuable networks to bring this idea out there.

Are you living in the Philippines?


Michael White Jul 25, 2016

How do you keep control of your drone to prevent theft of it or the package it is supposed to deliver?

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