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Juan Generators : Landscape renewable energy sculptures

We offer another alternative solution for companies, institutions or businesses who want to use renewable energy but does not want the conventional wind turbine or solar panels that exist in the market today. 

by combining art + renewable energy generation we created kinetic wind sculptures that would add aesthetic beauty to existing scenery and provide usable energy to power a multitude of devices that incidentally solves other user specific problems. 

examples of these would be; an off-grid light post and CCTV monitoring for security and safety concerns. WIFI Routers or PA systems for beach fronts, mountain resorts, parks and tourist spots, and/or an emergency power back up system to charge phones and other communications devices during natural calamities when grid power is not available.

Who faces this problem?

Our potential customers would be individuals, businesses and government institutions that want to make a statement that supports clean tech but  are looking to break away from the conventional wind turbines and solar panels that exist in the market today. 

Their landscape and beautification departments will be our immediate target market.

While we do not have data on the exact numbers of potential customers, a pessimistic 2% capture of the overall market would still yield at a sizable number. These would include, but are not limited to;

* 2% of the 2,343 of the total hotels and resorts in the Philippines.

** 2% of the145 cities (with a combined total of 42,029 Brgy.). Having their own public parks, open air museums and event places.

And lastly, an unverified number of private businesses (e.g. shopping malls, condo's, corporate buildings), public and private institutions (e.g. universities, embassies) and recreational areas (e.g. retreat houses, private farms) that are looking for a landscape solution that would compliment their aesthetic look and benefit from the intergated value add-on systems that Juan Generators provide.

How does your idea address this problem?


By incorporating a specially designed generator to a kinetic wind sculpture, we came up with the idea that is Juan Generators. 

These kinetic wind sculptures* provide artistic and visually appealing urban decorations, while producing electricity that could power one or a combination of the following systems.

-An autonomous (or grid-tied) lamp post. 

-CCTV monitoring.

-Public Announcement / Music system. 

-Outdoor wifi hotspot .

Juan Generators' integrated functional system also aims to solve the common electricity supply problems, where setting up a wired connection is costly or unwarranted. (e.g. beachfronts, parks with large open spaces far from an electric outlet, areas without grid connection available.)

What’s new and unique about your idea?

While we cannot claim to have the best power per kilowatt/hour efficiency compared to our existing solar and wind peers, we do claim to look extremely good and incredibly stylish while producing usable energy.

The lack of existing variety works to our advantage. Since we offer something different, we can capture the market of those looking for a unique, non-conventional renewable energy solution. 

Also, We also would like to showcase the ingenuity of the Filipino artist by creating renewable energy sculptures that are designed, manufactured and engineered by Filipinos in the Philippines. We encourage the use of sustainable materials for our sculptures (bamboo, recycled wood or steel, etc.),

Lastly, Juan Generators will also not be confined to one generic model. Our start-up will birth collaborations between more artist and engineers, working together to bring different designs and utilize other energy generation systems.

How are you going to earn money?

Our revenue generation will be three fold: 

- Product sales,
- Periodic maintenance, and
- Time-leased options


  1. Product sales will not only include existing pre-set model designs, but also specially commissioned land art pieces.
  2. Periodic maintenance can be both the maintenance of the renewable energy sculpture (bearings, lubrication, repairs, etc) and/or the maintenance of the value added features, which could be subscription based (in partnership with telcos for wifi and cctv or grid tied options with the local energy distributor)
  3. Time-leased options offer an experience without the bulk of the investment. Since our system can be self- contained and can be made portable, we can create a separate for-rent model (which we can rent out for events like outdoor trade launches, beach parties, weddings, etc.) that presents the visual appeal of our kinetic sculptures and the added functionality of the light post and/or CCTV monitoring, p.a. systems or wifi connection that it can power.



Do you already have customers?

we are currently producing a minimum viable model for two diferent beach resort who are willing to pay for the finished prototype. 

Who is in your team?

Ronald tupas -  The lead inventor for the project. He has been experimenting with permanent magnet alternators for more than a year and have successfully built and tested several models.  He is a TV actor and travel host, which works to the advantage of our start-up since his work (as a travel host) connects us to potential early-adopter markets. He also an electrical engineering student at TIP QC (second degree), which connects him to present and future engineers for collaboration in this endeavor.


Tomas Leonor  - In charge of the fabrication of the kinetic sculpture. and the overall design team for the startup. Past works include installation art with LaMesa Dam Ecopark Museum, Mind Museum in Taguig, Life Museum in Pasay City. Currently a board member of the first Artists Cooperative in the Philippines, RedRoot Artists and Artisans Cooperative ( That specialize in giving quality art services to small businesses as well as local NGOs and government projects. Services range from Advertising to Curatorial Projects for the National Historical Commission of the Philippines. Our members and staff are all young artists who are very passionate about what they do and we motivate them to start their own business and or advocacy projects.

Have you already founded/incorporated your company?


What is the intended positive impact on the environment and/or society of your venture?

Art is meant to inspire and our renewable energy sculptures inspire and encourage people towards the direction of cleaner technology.


How will the Fellowship Program enable you to achieve your ambitions?

The program would help us refine and our business and action plans, the community would connect us to potential worldwide markets while birthing collaborations with other clean tech innovators. 


Are you living in the Philippines?


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