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BATHALA: a multi-functional rocket stove.

Bathala targets to solve the issues of rural and tribal communities where there is scarcity for livelihood, health, water, and energy. Furthermore, the goal is to achieve inclusive economic growth between the company and its first chosen community, Punduhan ng mga Dumagats.

The first problem the Punduhan ng mga Dumagats imposed is the need for clean cooking method for healthcare. According to Bro. Martin, “Maraming nagkakasakit na katutubo ngayon dahilan sa weak ang kanilang baga o yung pulmonary diseases… ang pamamaraan ng pagluto dito ay panggatong” (Numerous natives becomes sick due to their weak lungs or what we call pulmonary diseases because these people cook by using firewood).

The second problem is the need for energy. The Norzagaray, Bulacan is an off-grid location where there is scarcity for electricity. Hence, Dumagats are limited in accessing news from radio, television, etc.

The third problem is the need to have a sustainable livelihood. Nowadays, they only rely on donations from few tourists who visit their caves. They offer no souvenirs nor products for tourists and there no other source of income.


Alongside in helping the community, the company aims to be a disaster response unit for household purposes, if further developed.

Who faces this problem?

The tribal community mainly faces this problem. In order to reach out with them, our primary customers are the Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). The NGO will be our channel for the tribal community for them to have a Bathala. Once we are established, we will reach out to the local rural community to have a Bathala per household.  The Bathala can also be a disaster response unit for any type of household in case of disaster. 

How does your idea address this problem?

The TEAM CARDING invented the BATHALA and are offering the LIVELIHOOD that could solve the problems of the Dumagats.


The name, “Bathala”, means God or the highest omnipotent Supreme Being that creates the universe and provides the needs of the people in Tagalog theory (de Noceda & de Sanluca, 1860). Just as God is referred to as the great provider, Bathala seeks to mirror the provider capability of God by being multi-functional in nature.

Bathala is a disaster-response unit mainly because it could provide all the needs in an emergency situation:

1.                  Stove – feature that can provide smokeless cooking through the heat generated by the biomass materials from users

2.                  Water boiler and purifier – feature that can boil any type of liquid and purify it to a 4-stage filteration process which will eliminate unwanted particles

3.                  Universal Serial Bus (USB) – feature that can provide electricity and charge any device on a USB connector

4.                  Radio – feature that can provide news, information and other emergency purposes

5.                  Lights – feature that is made of LED for efficiency that can provide light for users

The above features are not only suitable as a disaster-response but also as a rural area-response in such a way that it could provide all the basic and common problem in a rural off grid area.




The Dumagats will create clay products out of the resources they have in their environment and out of the features of the Bathala.

What’s new and unique about your idea?

While other types of rocket stoves serve the purpose of cooking food alone, the Multi-functional Rocket Stove serves four to five purposes which can all be used at the same time. Through igniting heat with the wood waste materials and distributing the heat in the several purposes (functions) that the Multi-functional Rocket Stove serve, all functions has the ability to work at the same time –compromising every function according to its need of energy. Additionally, the built-in fan helps the heat to be more exhausted and distributed at an amount respective to each function.

Other rocket stoves use heavyweight materials such as bricks and mortar for the body while this invention uses only aluminum and stainless steel to be a portable stove, lighter than the other designs. This is also an advantage in being a portable disaster response unit.

The ability of the invention to conduct heat without any efforts from the user allows time-saving abilities unlike other rocket stoves which need self-produced air to ignite.

The design made for the filter container, water container, AM/FM radio, LED Strip and ash tray (or cover) is meant to be removable for maintenance purposes. Other rocket stoves rarely require removable features since its purpose are usually to provide cooking alone.


The cover of the invention differences itself from other rocket stove inventions since most rocket stove inventions do not require covers. More importantly, the cover of the invention allows it to be more secured –thus, being a factor for the maintenance of the invention. Additionally, the other purpose of the cover to be an adjustable stand with rubber pads allows users to experience more convenient use of the invention. 

How are you going to earn money?

The team is going to earn money through distribution of the Bathala to different dealers. Dealers will be offered the following:

Minimum number of Units

Discount from SRP

50 and above (for exclusive dealers also)

40% (maximum discount)








            Then, the dealer will sell the Bathala to the following customers:






Household Community

Promotes personal use of the unit for disaster response

Prioritizes security of their homes during disasters and/or emergency situations



Travel Community

Promotes portability of the unit

Travels through area with limited supply of basic needs



Non-government Organizations

Have the same intentions to help the community; can distribute to a number of communities quickly;

Have specific rural areas/communities to develop; communicate quickly and easily; also wants security of their own company during emergency situations

Grameen Australia


Government Organizations

Have the same intention to help the community and to save lives; have the same intention to promote science and technology of the Philippines; have many established connections

Reachable to a mass number of rural communities;

National Risk and Reduction Management Council (NDRRMC); Department of Science and Technology (DOST); Department of Energy (DOE)

Table 1 Customer Analysis

            The above customers will be found on the following:







Direct Marketing

Convenient; instant establishment of connection and sales

Set up meeting with NGOs/GOs or Households

Household, Travel Communities, NGOs/GOs

Meeting with the investors of DOE

Community development and quick distribution of the unit

Trade and Display

Exposure to different science and technology audiences; usually composed of small companies who are looking for exposure and partners (similar to Team Carding) and big companies who are looking for other organizations to be sponsored; customers are intended to discover new inventions

Join industry conventions and conferences

Household & Travel Communities, NGOs/GOs

DOST Science Nation 2016; Summer/ Christmas Bazaars at World Trade Center

Multifunctional and Modular ability (uniqueness); scientific background; Parts are made by indigenous people (Dumagats)


Accessible information to wide audience range

Create official company website (buy a domain) and other social media platform

Household and travel communities

Facebook account

Multifunctional and Modular ability (uniqueness); scientific background; Parts are made by indigenous people (Dumagats)

Table 2 Marketplace Analysis- Further Business Strategy


The above marketing strategies are the chosen methods because they are the most convenient method for the target customers of this company.

Do you already have customers?

We do not have any customers yet because the Bathala is still on its research and development phase. It is not ready for commercialization yet.

Who is in your team?

·         Jeremy De Leon – General Team, B.S. Electronics Engineering in Mapúa Institute of Technology

·         Alsus Don Adiaton – Designer and Fabrication, B.S. Manufacturing Engineering in Mapúa Institute of Technology

·         Gabrielle Leyson – Fabrication and Electricals, B.S. Electrical Engineering in Mapúa Institute of Technology

·         Norman Quiniquini – Production and Documentation, B.S. Computer Engineering in Mapúa Institute of Technology

·         Christinn De Leon – Documentation and Marketing, B.S. Technical Communication in Mapúa Institute of Technology


·         Engr. Febus Reidj Cruz – Technical Adviser, B.S. Electronics Engineering in Mapúa Institute of Technology

Have you already founded/incorporated your company?


What is the intended positive impact on the environment and/or society of your venture?

The positive impact on the environment and society of our venture is its capacity to solve their main problems (healthcare through clean cooking method, energy, and sustainable livelihood).

How will the Fellowship Program enable you to achieve your ambitions?

The Fellowship Program will enable us to achieve our ambitions by providing us assistance in planning our business plan. The assistance may be in form of tutorials or investment for the said distribution of the Bathala for the dealers.


Are you living in the Philippines?


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