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Eco Exploits

Eco Exploits aims to resolve the massive amounts of garbage constantly being produced and left untreated, stagnant, or poorly managed, with the use of new methods.

The majority, if not the entirety of the Philippines, is affected by it. The Philippines ranks 3rd worldwide in Plastic waste generation, following China and Indonesia. This problem is an opportunity to utilize wastes as a sustainable source for energy production.

Who faces this problem?

Majority of the people that are affected by the issues are:
A. People that reside near landfills
B. Residents situated in flood prone areas, which are often enhanced or caused by clogged drainages and waterways.
C. People that might be affected by the pathogens bred in fermenting garbage.
D. Waterways are often polluted, since the garbage is often disposed in waterways due to poor management of landfills

How does your idea address this problem?

Mission: To provide energy by utilizing wastes which fall under five categories (order indicates importance or urgency for the team):
-Unrecyclable trash or garbage (This excludes Technological wastes) (Incinerator that will be used will be discussed further on)
-Organic or biodegradable materials (Microbial degradation and microbial fuel cells. Production of Biomass) 
-Rubber (Tire pyrolysis)
-Plastic (Thermal Depolymerization)
-Metal (Powdered metal burning)
(Side note: Eco exploits has Phase A and Phase B. Phase A deals with producing energy from wastes, whereas Phase B focuses on utilizing wastes and reprocessing materials which fall under 5 categories: Metal, Plastic, Rubber, Paper, and Glass. The focus for now would be Phase A, Energy Production)

What’s new and unique about your idea?

-The incinerator that will be used is BASED on the Rocket Stove design. Rocket stoves, in comparison to conventional stoves, are more efficient since it reduces or eliminates smoke, and uses less fuel to heat up. The incinerator works on the same principles as the rocket stoves', which are the Stack effect and the Venturi effect. The stack effect is the movement of air into buildings, or establishments, resulting from air buoyancy, or difference in air pressures.  The venturi effect is the increase of velocity of air rushing from enclosed spaces.  Both the stack effect and the venturi effect are beneficial in improving the function of the incinerator.

-The methods that will be used in Eco Exploits aren't commonly applied in the country. It is believed that our approach towards the issues will pave the way for others in exploiting the capabilities of trash, and applying the methods.

How are you going to earn money?

Eco Exploits will be providing energy to businesses and establishments. The plan is to offer the energy directly to the clients themselves, ideally malls, hotels, and establishments alike. The idea is sustainable since the source of energy is garbage, which is constantly being produced, especially in the contemporary setting where population increases rapidly and progress is rampant. There is a directly proportional relationship observed between the garbage production and the population, since the population is constantly growing and people produce garbage. A single resident in Manila generates roughly around 0.7 Kgs, which is 130% more than the global average of 0.3 Kgs per day. The materials will be obtained from landfills and waste managements. Ideally, materials could be attained from the clients with little to none costs, provided that we trade with energy.

Do you already have customers?

No, because the idea or the startup is under further development, but we have been soliciting opinions from people who might benefit from the startup. They said that it is a good concept, and it is timely since energy is greatly needed and it is beneficial to the environment, and us humans.

Who is in your team?

Maria Angelica S. Reyes, Grade 10, Makati Science High School student.
Adept in Research (Thesis), Science, and Math.

Ken Reinier L. Villanueva, Grade 10, formerly from Makati Science High School, and currently in Makati High School
Adept in Research (Thesis), Science, and Math.
Currently the president of Interact Club in Makati High School, and an I Am Sam student delegate, leader for the subtheme Environmental sustainability.

We are still prospecting for people who are potentially beneficial to the concept, and those with the same vision as us.

Have you already founded/incorporated your company?


What is the intended positive impact on the environment and/or society of your venture?

-As earlier mentioned, this would promote or encourage others to look for more sustainable and cleaner ways of producing energy from garbage
-The reduction of garbage in landfills, or in the country in general, will benefit the society since less garbage would mean less problems
-We believe that this would create cheaper energy, which would lower costs for businesses and establishments. This gives them a chance to improve their services due to higher revenue or less costs, allocating their funds to more essential expenses.

How will the Fellowship Program enable you to achieve your ambitions?

As of now, we are honing our skills and conducting further research on Eco Exploits, but our main goal is to establish the company, orchestrate the plan or execution, advertise or sell people the concept, attain funds, buy the equipment or build the facility, and start the operation.

Are you living in the Philippines?


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