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CleanTech Aircon Energy Optimizer

Joanne Sison
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Joanne Sison | Jul 23, 2016 | in Sustainable Energy Solutions

Offices are, most of the time, too cold thereby wasting energy and compromising comfort of office workers. CleanTech Aircon Energy Optimizer is a device that uses proprietary algorithms to automatically balance energy savings and the comfort of office workers without requiring any user intervention and without having to replace existing a/c units. Furthermore, built-in energy tracking feature provides decision support to facility managers. Beta tests have shown 20% monthly energy savings with the use of CleanTech device.

Who faces this problem?

Corporations, offices, retail stores, malls and other institutions using non-centralized a/c units.

How does your idea address this problem?

CleanTech Aircon Energy Optimizer device reduces electric consumption through non-invasive automated temperature control providing energy savings for the company and comfortable working conditions for office workers.

What’s new and unique about your idea?

The approach works for any type of A/C unit (non-inverters and inverters), it is non-invasive (we do not tamper with the internal a/c unit) and will generate monthly energy reports. While inverter aircons and similar equipment replacement strategies are indirect competitors of CleanTech, our technology can actually be used to provide additional savings on top of inverter aircons. The most direct competition we are aware of is the A/C controller replacement units sold by British Energy Saving Technology (BEST), which uses a different energy saving strategy than CleanTech and requires disassembling the existing A/C controller.  CleanTech can also be used in concert with BEST technology for additional savings. 

How are you going to earn money?

o   One-time payment for CleanTech energy saving device and installation

o   Monthly payment / subscription for energy consumption and savings report

o   Monthly share of savings generated through energy management consultant partners

Do you already have customers?

Yes, we are set to pilot to Maynilad by August. Nestle and BPI are in the pipeline. A partnership with Accelence Energy Consulting is also underway.

Who is in your team?

The engineering half of the team is composed of Luis Sison, a senior engineer and Rupert Sievert, a junior engineer, from the UP Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute with a combined 42 years of experience in designing, building, and installing electronics products in various sectors and industries. Most recently they have overseen the design, manufacture and installation of over 100 biomedical diagnostic appliances in clinics around the country.

The business development half of the team is Joanne Sison, an educator and entrepreneur who co-founded the Habits of the Mind and Mathemagis chain of Singapore Math enrichment centers now spanning five company owned branches and five partner satellite centers around Metro Manila.

Have you already founded/incorporated your company?


What is the intended positive impact on the environment and/or society of your venture?

A/C energy efficiency monitoring resulting in a sustained energy savings for companies.

How will the Fellowship Program enable you to achieve your ambitions?

With additional investment from Impact Hub, we can complete additional pilot installations and prepare for larger scale production and installation.


Are you living in the Philippines?


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Jeremie Diaz Jul 23, 2016

Hi. You have a great innovative concept to save energy costs. I would like to ask though what is your after customer service. Do you think you need one?

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Joanne Sison Jul 23, 2016

Hi. Yes, after sales support is important to us. Let's see how we can collab. Thanks!

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Michael White Jul 23, 2016

You can check technology such as Airzone/Onezone which we already carry and sell here in the Philippines. It is developed in Spain. E2T2 Corporation is the distributor.

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Joanne Sison Jul 23, 2016

Hi. Thanks for the input. We will include AirZone in our competitive analysis. Would you know Airzone's local market share?

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Paolo Samontanez Jul 23, 2016

Are you guys part of the current batch in UP Enterprise?

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Joanne Sison Jul 23, 2016

Yes, Milo.

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