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TLUD stoves and biochar

Global warming, Indoor air pollution, deforestation. 

Who faces this problem?

3 billion people globally, 47 million people locally. 

How does your idea address this problem?

Fuel efficient cook stoves cut firewood consumption by at least 50% compared to traditional cook stoves, while significantly reducing smoke indoors in rural house holds. Biochar is a co product with valuable applications including air & water purification as well as 55 others. 

What’s new and unique about your idea?

Producing clean cooking energy for the indigent communities who cannot afford LPG, while preventing diseases and premature deaths attributed to wood smoke. 

How are you going to earn money?

By producing briquettes from waste biomass and clean cook stoves, and biochar productTs made by the marginalized communities. 

Do you already have customers?

None. I am doing a pilot project with a community. 

Who is in your team?

I don't have a team but I am working with a university. 

Have you already founded/incorporated your company?


What is the intended positive impact on the environment and/or society of your venture?

Carbon sequestraction, prevent premature deaths and diseases due to woodsmoke indoors, fuel efficiency and livelihood for marginalized communities. Biochar would be used in sustainable food production by the community, whereas people who would purchase the stoves or biochar products would also contribute to carbon sequestration 

How will the Fellowship Program enable you to achieve your ambitions?


Are you living in the Philippines?


Jeremie Diaz Jul 23, 2016

Hi. Your alternative fuel is fantastic. It will surely serve our poor communities in far flung areas to fuel for their basic needs. I would like to ask though what is your competitive advantage to similar ideas submitted here at crowdicity. What makes your biocharcoal different?

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