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Recycling hubs- the hottest microbusiness franchise

Mark Fong
Mark Fong | Jul 22, 2016 | in Sustainable Energy Solutions

Imagine an ATM machine where u put trash and get money in return.

Our Concept is to create and promote a microbusiness model to franchise recycling centers in every town, therefore making garbage disposal more accessible and systemic. In these centers, garbage are recycled on a micro level, plastic will be converted into diesel then will be sold to transpo companies, tires will be recycled and convert the rubber into soles of shoes to be sold to shoe repair shops, biodegradable trash will be put in digesters to produce electricity to be used as self sustaining energy for the business or sold to the power grid, or turn into methane as lpg gas, metals will be compressed and sold back to foundries. Left over food from restaurants can also be distributed here so people who dont have the budget can also eat good food for a very cheap cost.

Who faces this problem?

Our community, our country - the Philippines, and the whole world. People throw out garbage everyday whether bio or non biodegradable and waste are not going to be lesser in the near future. People throw them anywhere. Those properly disposed are still going to dumpsites that would eventually run out of space, some are scattered because of beggars opening the trash. Our current system is very messy and inefficient, we use too much oil time energy resources and adds up to traffic and congestion just to get rid of our waste products.

How does your idea address this problem?

All people in a certain town will have a central place to throw their trash and in that town level is already recycled back and turned into livelihood business. No more inefficient logistics of getting trash from a city and dumping trash to far away dumpsites then travelled back to factory for recycling, we will prevent the inefficient use of time and resources which wastes our oil, gas, and production energy that also adds traffic and pollution.

What’s new and unique about your idea?

While most innovations (specially in the energy sector) focuses on creating new technologies and inventions, i am one of the few who focuses on the distribution aspect of it which also creates lots of energy problem due to wastage. and garbage is a booming industry which will never go extinct. there is big money in the waste industry that can help cheapen the energy cost - if only we can utilize them effectively

How are you going to earn money?

Franchise fees, maintenance fees from the machines, revenue coming from the sale of recycled goods (food, materials, energy, products), awareness and participation events and campaigns, etc.

Do you already have customers?

potential customers are 1. business people to franchise, 2. transpo companies for the recycled diesel, 3. low income people for the redistributed food, 4. shoe manufacturing companies and retail shops for the recycled rubber, 5. electric grid companies, LPG companies, and my company itself (the franchise as self sustaining) for the electric energy output from the recycled biodegradable materials, 6. paper companies for the recycled papers

Who is in your team?

None yet, have some friends in mind, potential staffs are engineers and social workers, volunteers, community workers

Have you already founded/incorporated your company?


What is the intended positive impact on the environment and/or society of your venture?

Almost all kinds of garbage will be recycled and converted into energy or product

Less traffic less dump trucks more smart use for resources and time

Less land pollution no dumpsites required

More livelihood and business for the town

People will like to throw to the recycling franchise center for cash exchange making garbage disposal more systematic and clean

How will the Fellowship Program enable you to achieve your ambitions?

Funding, connections, mentorship

Are you living in the Philippines?


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Raul Mico Melchor Jul 22, 2016

This is a great idea!

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Jeremie Diaz Jul 23, 2016

Your idea seems to be the first to tackle garbage so far as compared with the rest of ideas submitted. If I understand it right, your main value proposition is converting trash to energy through a machine. My question though is dealing with local government units. Have you done a bit of research as to how they LGUs are actually doing the whole chain of collecting to dumping trash? And since you are a private company, have you sorted out the legalities? Good luck!

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