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Eco-friendly courier service

Mensaheros | Jul 19, 2016 | in Sustainable Energy Solutions


Metro Manila has one of the worlds worst traffic situations. On an average, a person spends 4 hours in traffic per day. MENSAHEROS offers a green alternative to cars by promoting cycling as one of the most effective mode of transportation. Mensahero’s Bike Messenger PH is a bicycle based courier service in Metro Manila


Who faces this problem?

The whole country is in this problem, it is known that all roads particularly in Metro Manila are faced with great stress of traffic jams at all times of the day, everyday.

How does your idea address this problem?


MENSAHEROS is a bicycle courier service pedaling in the busy cities of Metro Manila, providing same day delivery service. Main geographical areas of focus for MENSAHEROS are the business areas of Metro Manila: BGC, Makati and Ortigas.


What’s new and unique about your idea?


MENSAHEROS are determined to contribute supreme service to its clients in a unique environmental- friendly way, contributing something vital to environmental health in the city. 

How are you going to earn money?

Customers are paying in cash. So far, MENSAHEROS has worked mostly with bicycle shops, clothing companies, online sellers and some individual customers. In future, however, MENSAHEROS targets at a wider range of customers within Metro Manila such as international organizations and businesses.


Do you already have customers?

Who is in your team?

Desk Mullen 

Marick Valdez


and some on call backup riders who are also a team mates during bicycle races

Have you already founded/incorporated your company?


What is the intended positive impact on the environment and/or society of your venture?

MENSAHEROS contribute supreme services not only to its clients but also to the environment, contributing something vital to environmental health in the city.


Faster than by car and reliable delivery of goods to customers Reduce CO2 emissions 

How will the Fellowship Program enable you to achieve your ambitions?

If will be chosen, funding from this Fellowship will play a major role to get MENSAHEROS going in the right track.

Are you living in the Philippines?


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Kyle Bo Jul 19, 2016

How would you protect the health of your riders from the detrimental effects of direct exposure to harmful vehicular emissions (carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, & volatile organic compounds)? This is especially problematic in Metro Manila as most buses and jeepneys don't have properly maintained engines. It is bad enough to be exposed to these gases occasionally and in small concentrations when you are in the metro but not on the road. The effects would even be more pronounced for people on the road and exposed (not inside an air-conditioned vehicle) most of the time. Plus, the faster blood circulation of someone exerting effort (i.e. cycling) pretty much guarantees the effective distribution of these harmful substances throughout the body.

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