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Powergrass share their story

Posted by Deesha Chandra (Admin) Jul 11, 2016 Posted in FELLOWSHIP UPDATES

Miggy tells us about Powergrass and encourages others to believe in themselves....

1) What inspired your idea? 

The idea was inspired by the characteristics of grass which we used to feed our cows. Having the desire to share the grass to fellow cattle raisers, we posted it in To our surprise, there was a company who bought cuttings enough to cover 7 hectares. We enquired and found out that they plan to turn it into pellets. Because of curiosity, we searched deeper about the grass,  away from its nutritional value for animals to its energy potential. Finding out that it is good for biomass, as Thailand's Department of Alternative Energy and Efficiency invested THB350 million worth of research budget and targets to produce as much as 3,000MW electricity from Napier Grass, we shouldn't just wait and watch.

Being able to dry stalks, we found it to be good for burning and replace wood consumption. The grass can easily grow unlike trees which can make production of it for energy more sustainable. If communities who rely on wood for their cooking and heating will use this material from grass, we can utilize our idle lands, create jobs and help our forests grow. Hopefully in the end, we can also supply electricity from clean and renewable source.

2) Who would you like to connect with to develop your idea further? 

We like to connect with other energy innovators especially engineers which can help us continuously develop the product we have. They can help us design a machine that can expedite drying process and also a machine that can efficiently use the grass for cooking or electricity production such as mini boilers for households. We'd also like to connect with possible customers who want to help planet Earth in its fight against climate change. They can also suggest development for our products as well. We also like to connect to possible investors who like to utilize their idle lands filled with weeds,etc.

3) Has it been challenging to test your idea? 

It is not that challenging as our product fuelstalk can easily be processed. With optimism, I am sure that this product and how we pioneer grass pellets can penetrate and be accepted by the market. 

4) What advice would you give to others who are thinking of submitting an idea? 

Do not hesitate to submit your idea! Believe in yourself and your biggest possible contribution in this world. Just like what Mahatma Gandhi said, "Be the change that you want to see in this world."

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Deesha Chandra says... Jul 11, 2016

Thanks so sharing your story Miggy

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Miggy Bautista says... Jul 13, 2016

Welcome Deesha!!!:)

Michael White says... Jul 27, 2016

Good luck with your plan.  If I may suggest, while in Masbate, I see so many rice being processed and the grass stalks are only burned.  You may set a schedule with rice husk grinding facilities to collect their leftovers.  While you are getting the grass, you can also pick up the husk which is far higher in silicon and perhaps ship it top korea to become silicone for electronics.  I am not sure if they are using it here yet...just a thought to make you millionaires.  Keep the idea free of charge.  Good Luck.

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