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How to submit a successful idea

Posted by Deesha Chandra (Admin) Jun 20, 2016 Posted in TIPS & ADVICE

If you want your idea to be successful, there is a simple trick.......the more you help others (by providing constructive feedback), the more they will help you.

The more comments you write, the more visible you will be. As a result, more people will vote for your idea, and your idea will benefit from the feedback that you receive.

When submitting your idea try see yourself as a host: you are the host of the people who take the time to read your idea and to write comments. These people can become your fans. Do what you can to make them enjoy the interaction with you, and with your other fans.

There are a number of things that you can do:

  • Invite the right people to the party: think about people that you know who might be interested in climate entrepreneurship. Do you think some of them might be able to help you improve your idea? Invite them! Try invite up to ten people per week, using the "invite users" button - on your profile page.
  • Be selective when you invite your guests. If they just leave comments like "great idea", this is not going to help you, and it will put off the more committed participants. So focus on inviting those people who can really contribute to Fellowship.
  • Keep the debate interesting: If somebody leaves a comment like "great idea", ask them something like "what do you like best about the idea?" - this will usually generate interesting thoughts.
  • Let people know that you appreciate their feedback: If somebody comes up with a great idea, make sure to thank them, respond by writing a comment that everybody can see. You can also do this privately by sending that person a message on Crowdicity (that's the white "bubble" above the "invite users" button in the profile). 
  • Build a community of supporters: If people are leaving valuable feedback, ask them if they want to become part of your team or ask them to subscribe to your idea if they want to receive updates about your project. You can also "tag" other "users" in your idea when responding to comments so they can see the conversation is going on. 
  • Be visible: by following the debates around other ideas and helping to make them better.

And remember: by inviting 10 people per week you will have over 50 friends supporting you in 5 weeks. So start inviting others now!

Good luck! 

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