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Mini Business Plan

Posted by Deesha Chandra (Admin) Jun 7, 2016 Posted in FELLOWSHIP UPDATES

To complete your submission please email us a copy of your mini business plan (template attached below). This should include the following: 

0) Cover page (max. 1 page)

Name of your company/project, person of contact, contact details, (optional. logo, link to website/Facebook page). 

1)    Idea description (max. 3 pages)

Issue statement & mission

What problem are you trying to solve? What is the overriding purpose of your initiative? What are the benefits you are trying to create and who exactly is your target group/customer? How can your customer(s) access your product/service and pay for it?

Business model/concept

How does your business model work? What is your value proposition? What activities are you planning to address the problem stated? How will you pay for your activities (investment costs, running costs)?

Competitive and collaborative landscape

Who are your competitors in the market and what resources do they have available? How does your company differentiate from them? Who are your main partners, supporters, suppliers, vendors (etc.) that help you reaching your sales goals and vision?

2) Roadmap (max. 1 page)

Which steps do you have to take to make your idea happen? How will the Fellowship Program enable you to achieve your ambitions? Which are important milestones for the next two to three years?

3) Team (max. 0.5 page)

Who is in your team? What is your team’s experience in the industry? What social and professional networks does your team possess that could be of value? Why are you the right person(s) to get it done? Please be honest: state, which skills you are lacking and still need to develop.

4) Financial projections (max 0.5 page)

Describe your key assumptions. Present your financing needs detailed for the next year, and in less detail for the next three years.


  • Include only the essentials of your business idea, no “window-dressing.” Show facts, research, surveys, and the like to substantiate your claims. We prefer clear and concise bullet points.
  • Limit your business plan to a maximum of 5 pages (excluding cover page).
  • Email your final business plan using this template on or before July 24, 2016 to  

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