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Clarification: we don't take shares!

Posted by Matt Jaeggi (Admin) Oct 15, 2015

For any applicants, don't worry: if you're one of the fellows (applicants and winners), you don't give away shares of your company!

Some incubators take shares in return for investing resources in the incubatees. Our model is different, our expenses are covered through a management fee. So, neither LBC nor Impact Hub will get any ownership over your company or idea because of your application or participation. That means, you're the owner of your idea and company, you're the entrepreneur, you stay your own boss. We're only here to support you in order to be more successful and impactful! We don't take shares from you!

The only way we would get shares of your company would be because 1. you want us to do so and 2. we are confident that we can add value to your company. But in any case, that's not part of the fellowship, that would be part of an agreement of the respective parties. For any questions, don't hesitate to ask us.

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